There can be different motives for which one would like to have an American IP Address. For instance, you may be a citizen of the United States and might be looking to access the American sites when you’re not home. Or, you may be some internet entrepreneur looking to review the marketing campaigns you are running in the United States. But, regardless of the motive, you will be looking to know how to get an American IP address. Well, here are some of the options that you can take.

Web Proxies

If you want to find out how to get an American IP address, your first answer would Web Proxies. These are simply the websites which relay the internet requests that you make. You’re required to visit websites which host web proxy and enter your desired URL in the given space. As soon as you hit ‘Go’, your desired web page is displayed by the website in the frame. The site which you will be visiting can only see the proxy’s IP address instead of your computer.

Normally these websites are free to use and normally offer a tolerable speed.

Paid Proxies

If you’re looking for a reliable connection through US IP address, you might have to spend some money to achieve your goal. Even though free services are there to use but when you opt for paid proxies you are able to experience a really secure and convenient connection to the desired websites.

Quite similar to other free proxy services, paid proxies also route all your web traffic through their server in the United States. However, there are certain advantages of using paid proxies which make it the more logical option. These proxies are more reliable and faster compared to the free ones. Furthermore, they are SSL compatible allowing you to access the membership sites, shopping sites, emails, etc. in a safe way.

VPN Services

Another answer to your question ‘how to get an American IP address’ would be the VPN services. It is a secure way of connecting to the remote networks, like logging into your office server while sitting at home. If you have setup the VPN for doing so, it will serve to relay the web requests and serve as your virtual US IP address.

VPN comes with some of the distinct benefits over the use of proxies and most notable among them is its ability of relaying the data for majority of internet apps without any special configuration requirements.

VPN services work well with majority of programs which access internet (chat programs, browsers, email clients, etc.). You can configure them for encrypting your internet requests which will make your activities such as connections to public Wi-Fi more secure.

HTTP Proxies

They’re also a kind of relaying service, but you can access them by configuring the web browser instead of typing your desired URL in the search box of a proxy website. If the setting is made as “anonymous” then websites that you’ll visit will be able to see IP of HTTP proxy only.