Electronic music is much more than a stream of new sounds: it is a cultural ecosystem where the music comes with alifestyle, different forms of entertaining and the creation of the tracks that later become vibrant songs… All of this has nothing to dowith commercial music, and it leads to the creation of amazing and colorful festivals, where people can enjoy electronic music with scenarios combined with spaces for creation, and where you can share good moments and other indescribable sensations. Listed below you can find the most original proposals to enjoy electronic music.


Brunch Electronikin Lisbon

The Brunch Electronik in Lisbon is a similar option to the festivals held in Barcelona and Madrid with the same format, but, all in all, we are talking about an appointment with good music, performed by the best international djs, surrounded by a natural environment, outdoors, leaving no room for artificial performances and a set up plan that the whole family can enjoy.

Because it’s true: Brunch Electronikis designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, and if you wish, parents and children can enjoy the same hobby.

Tomorrowland in Belgium

Tomorrowland is the festival of festivals, not only in terms of electronic music, but in terms of bb a festive atmosphere that none of the 200,000 attendees that make it a sold out the second the tickets are put on sale, want to miss.

Others who would not want to missthis festival are the DJs of all kinds that compose their line up (although lately it makes more spaceto mainstream artist as it’s an international appeal as the top-notch festival it is), with some of the best paid in the world: Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Nicky Romero, Carl Cox, Zedd, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, KYGO, Alesso, Martin Garrix, Cascada, Nervo, R3hab, Diplo, Cedric Gervais, Skrillex, Jack Ü, entre otros.

The rave of the Dead Sea

With an atmosphere that has nothing to do with the family friendly Brunch Electronik, this celebration of life takes place for 5 or 6 weeks, with prices ranging between 5000 and 6000 euros.

In this massive party there’s place for everything: spaces for extreme sports like BMX, wakeboard, skateboard, parkour, plus spectacular shows with helicopters, parachuting, competitions for the day and a bunch of other activities to keep all the assistants entertained 24 hours a day.

More than 300 DJs complete the numbers of a festival born from the opulence and where exhibitionism in every sense is present.

Lots of people are rather free at home and do not find anything to do except mere sitting idle and playing games. However, Internet has revolutionized the modern world and it is a global village now. You can do almost everything with internet, search for the web and explore thousands of things to do.

Chat rooms are just the invention of the internet. With chat rooms, you can chat to lots of people residing in different countries and create your social circle. Now forget about sitting bore and idle at home and sign yourself up on one of the famous chat room websites.


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If you are looking for chatting websites, especially Pakistani chat room then this is the perfect website.

An outdoor patio tends to be a perfect spot for rewinding and relaxing after you have been through a hectic day. Although landscaped gardens and lawns do provide relief, it perhaps not be possible to spend your time there during the day in weekends. The perfect answer for all such issues is to get yourself an outdoor patio. Patio offers numerous advantages such as pure air, exposure to nature. Therefore, patio canopies had been gaining immense popularity of late. Personalized canopies are available everywhere, even though the deliver time could vary from 3 to 4 weeks from the date the order has been made.

Arranging an Outdoor Patio

You can easily arrange outdoor patio either in the front area or as the backyard patio, depending on the free area available around your house. An outdoor patio would be useful in protecting you from the rain, sun, snow and other natural hazardous elements. Contemporary outdoor patio canopies are equipped with water proof materials, roof tensioning, and other needed supports that are useful in preventing water buildup on the canopy. Moreover, most of the contemporary patio canopy materials are waterproof, UV and fireproof to give you maximum safety and protection.

How It Can Be Beneficial?

The outdoor patios are not just restricted to separate areas. Large outdoor areas, swimming pools in the front, backyard or side areas could be fitted patio canopies so that they can protect the areas from natural elements and can be utilized fully as a relaxation areas. Many manufacturers are offering steel-structured patio canopies with too much of flexibility and retracting knack. You can easily extend these patio canopies or can retract them while you do not need them, just like when you prefer to take sun bath and want to tan yourself to an amazing golden hue.


However, you perhaps be the type that is allergic to the sun rays and your patio canopy might not be able to prevent the sunlight from entering into the patio space into the mornings as well as evenings. If you have any such issue, you would do quite well to install patio window blinds or shades all around the patio. This would be helpful in controlling the light effect in your patio to the utmost without any adverse effect. You can find patio window shades in several colors and come up with a patio that is entirely unique.

Install your outdoor patio and relax to the fullest in a leisurely fashion.

Bonuses are the biggest plus point any online casino has to offer, real casinos offer several services like free hotel rooms, free drinks, free food etc. which an online casino cannot offer; to overcome this online casinos offer bonuses with different names to attract more and more customers.


These bonuses are a kind of investment that casinos make in order to get more and more users, these bonuses can be used by you as an investment into your jackpot.

Requirements for getting free bonuses:

The first thing that you must remember is that these bonuses are not free. Companies do offer them to attract more customers, but for gaining them you must do a little work. 12win Casino, also offer free bonuses, but for them you must follow some requirements. Certain companies may ask you to agree to certain terms and conditions; some may ask you to fill a certain form etc. fulfilling the requirements of the company can get you to win various bonuses.

Different types of bonuses offered by online casinos:

Companies offer different types of bonuses at different stages, 12win also offers various bonuses to its customers, some of the most common types of bonuses are:

  1. New player bonus:

These are most generous bonuses that you will ever get; these bonuses are given to users who have newly joined the game or the website. These websites encourage people to use the game more and more, some websites may only offer these welcome bonuses while some offer more bonuses throughout your life in the website.

  1. No deposit bonus:

These are the most appreciated bonuses by the users, by these deposits you can play the game without paying anything; you cannot only play but also win money without making any deposits.

  1. Matching discount bonuses:

Matching discount bonuses are simple; the company will offer you a certain amount as a bonus against the money that you paid to the casino. The percentage of the bonus varies, some companies may offer you 100% matching discount, while some may offer you a certain percentage discount such as 45% discount against your money. Thus if you have invested 50 dollars thenthe company will pay you 50 dollars more and thus you will have 100 dollars to use.

  1. Reload bonuses:

Reload bonuses are quite similar to the welcome bonus, where the casino offers you a certain discount monthly. These bonuses are to keep the customers interested in the game.