Pain can teach many things to a person. However, enduring unwarranted pain is like asking for trouble. The body has its own way of countering things that may occur around the person’s surroundings. If you or others get hurt, you can use saliva. Wait, what? Saliva as a painkiller? It can be measured in different ways and the 10 panel drug test has been invented for determining drug use. It may sound absurd at first but it can help big time to reduce your medications as long as you know how to use saliva correctly.

Saliva is more powerful than morphine

In fact, it can be as powerful as six times the power of the famous painkilling drug, morphine. These can mean two good things: one is that is counters the side effects of morphine. Overdosing with morphine can lead to drug tolerance and eventually even death. Saliva can do the pain relieving process without the bad effects people may get from taking in morphine. The other portends to the high cost of morphine. As saliva is a naturally produced product, making it costs literally nothing. It can revolutionize the world of medicine and produce very low cost pain killers that can work every time without building drug tolerance.

It is all the work of the enzyme called Opiorphin

In order for the body to resist pain, it must produces enkephalins which are essential to the killing the pain. When these things are made, it dulls out the pain. However, these things were not made to last and Opiorphin saves the day. It makes the life of the chemical compound longer therefore making it dull more pain.

Possible effects on society

Society has been taking pain killers since ancient times. However, addiction ahs been very high. The different studies aobut how pain can be a painkiller can contribute to preventing the rising number of addictions on pain killers. Drug misuse and abuse will be countered and many deaths can be prevented. In addition, low cost painkillers may also surface and therefore give more people access to painkillers. Still, it should be noted that if these painkiller manufacturers go out of business, their employees may also lose jobs an income. Possible strikes regarding the use of saliva as painkiller may rise. Negativity aside, it can revolutionized the medical industry and help people achieve a better life with less hassle.

Be careful though, pain should be endured to learn. Anything excessive can be detrimental to your health.

Feelings of anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, and depression are such issues due to which one may opt to visit a psychiatrist. But it is better to see a psychoanalyst as they have additional training to become an expert in psychoanalysis that is a non-medication mental health treatment technique.


The above-mentioned problems may arise because of troubles in personal or professional life, not getting along with your peers, or some emotional conflicts. It is always better to express yourself rather than keeping things inside your head. A consultation with a psychoanalyst may prove to be very useful for those who are suffering from such issues.

A form of psychotherapy known as Jungian analysis addresses a variety of personal and professional issues in depth. With the therapy, the complexes and the problems are cured by a Jungian analyst in a non medication way.

For this therapy to be successful, the patient needs to have a positive and healthy relation with his Jungian analyst. The better relation between the two will lead to a better healing process.

The therapy helps those who are suffering from internal conflicts and mental disorders. It enhances the feeling of freedom and self-understanding in them. There are some cases where other therapies have failed but these therapies have emerged successful in curing the patient. One should not wait for the problems to get severe before heading to get a consultation. Pick on the small symptoms and make your way towards a trust analyst and discuss your issues with them.

It is also known as the psychology of the unconscious or the depth psychology. The study is related to the interpretation of dreams as dreams may reveal the point of the problem. Quite often, people do not remember their dreams; with the help of this therapy, they begin to remember it. A point that the patient should definitely follow is that if they are having dreams before the sessions, they should definitely discuss them with their analyst no matter how vague the dream is.

The Jungian analyst may use one of three methods to cure the patient by engaging in the images that come from the unconscious. The methods are explication, active imagination, and amplification. In active imagination, an individual gets the images from an unconscious state and then puts them forward in a conversation whereas in explication and amplification the images gathered from an unconscious state of a patient are interpreted rather than experienced.

Many people feel bad about seeing psychiatrists or psychoanalyst as they feel they will be looked down upon by others. It is important to make them understand that it is alright if they want some assistance and aid in making their life better and stress-free. Such people face difficulty in performing their routine tasks and tackling professional issues and end up failing badly. People need to understand that failing is not bad but not learning from the failure is what makes the failure bad.

Do you want to purchase a vaporizer for yourself? Have you ever used a vaporizer before? Well, if you have not used a vaporizer before and you are looking to purchase it for the first time, then you should know that there are countless things that you will have to keep in mind before making a final decision. If you are not sure how you can find the best vaporizer, then there are different products available in the market and you will have to choose the one accordingly. Here, we are going to share few important things that will help you in the best way possible, so you don’t have to go through any issues when you are purchasing the vaping device for yourself.

You should also know that vaping can help you quit the smoking habit and you will be able to find it an excellent alternative. Let’s check out few questions that you should ask yourself before buying a vaporizer.

Does it have high ratings and good customer’s feedback?

Whenever you are about to purchase the best quality vaporizer for yourself, you should always pay attention to the rating of the product. You will find different online stores where you can find the best quality product for yourself, and you should always focus on finding the top notch results. If you are looking for the latest designs and affordable vaporizers, then you should check out Pax 3, and it surely is a high-quality vaping device that will complete your requirements. Always select the vaporizer that will help you make things easier for you and will help you quit the smoking. A vaping experience is different from the smoking in many ways. However, you will be able to get to the satisfactory point when you are trying a vaping device for yourself.

How good is the battery?

The next important thing that you should keep in mind when you are selecting a portable vaporizer for yourself is to check the condition of the battery. If you are not sure how you can find the best quality vaporizer with the excellent battery, then you can get good recommendations, and you can read some online reviews to make things easier for yourself. Always look for the excellent battery life when you are purchasing a portable vaporizer for yourself. These are the few things that you need to keep in mind so you can find the excellent vaporizer for yourself.

The use (and abuse) of illicit drugs is spreading far and wide nowadays. Even in the all formal and even casual workplace, its use has always been a problem. This is the reason why companies along with the scientific community strive to create methods and practices that will make drug screening in the workplace an easy task for all the parties involved.

saliva-test-strip1.jpg (600×300)

Oral Drug Tests

Oral drug tests have become the go-to process of companies and employer for job applications and drug screenings in the office. The convenience the testers have with this method is very much appreciated. This is also considered as the least invasive method of drug testing.

Oral drug tests, also known as swab tests are easy and quick to administer. The process is simple and can be done in almost anywhere. Companies are allowed to do this test randomly so this kind of screening is much more effective than urine or blood drug testing. Employers do not need to hire third-party testers to collect sample specimen for this screening.

The process of collecting oral fluid is more convenient for all the concerned individuals. There is no need for special facilities or even comfort rooms when providing a sample. All the person has to do is open his or her mouth for a little while. The collector uses a swab which is like a tiny toothbrush in appearance. The swab has a special tip with a special kind of adhesive that will collect the saliva sample from the part of the mouth it is swiped against.

Accuracy and Adulteration

There are a lot of articles on the internet showing step by step process on how to “cheat” drug tests especially urine drug tests. The tricks used in urine testing aren’t applicable to oral drug testing. Oral drug tests can be done under strict supervision of the testers or authorities, unlike in urine drug testing, the person is left alone privately for several minutes when providing a sample. In this case, the tampering with the sample substance is most likely impossible.

The results produced by oral drug tests are believed to be more accurate than urine drug tests results. The samples collected orally are less likely to be contaminated with other substances present in the body.

Oral drug tests can also detect the presence of illicit substance a few moments after its use, unlike in urine or in blood testing where it takes a few hours for drug substances to be detectable in the human body.

An intense fitness class or camp organized for individuals can be termed as a bootcamp. Workouts included here, help in muscle building, aerobic benefits, stretching, weight loss and lot more. The benefits are similar to that of performing cardio for a couple of hours. Nowadays many women reconsider the advantages of such weight loss bootcamps and enroll themselves to improve their fitness.

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A lot of women are now motivated to join these camps mainly because they offer workouts for rapid weight loss. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or have been exercising since a long now, these camps will offer programs that show immediate results. Below mentioned is the list of benefits you can get once you join the bootcamps for weight loss.

All the exercises taught in the camps are based on exercise science and physiology. As they make use of the resistance and cardiovascular training techniques all of these work well for weight loss. There are also specific weight training exercises included in the schedule. Muscle building is essential to boost the metabolism of the body. This can help burn more calories and lose weight effectively and efficiently.

The weight loss boot camp not just aims to teach exercises for weight loss but also help build the required motivation. All the special trainers provide the necessary motivation constantly which can help you build consistency in the exercises you practice. This not just helps you in reaching your goals and losing the extra weight but also boosts your confidence levels.

Another benefit of weight loss bootcamps is that they do not rush with the exercises schedule. The workout time is decided in a way that it is suitable for age groups. Time management is of extreme importance and all the workouts for women here are pre-planned. These camps are much better than the regular workout programs and are also well suited for working women too.

Such boot camps bring out a lifestyle change in every woman. These are not just about losing the extra fats on your body. It helps you learn new rules for your life which can help you maintain a healthy life ahead. You will see a lot of difference only if you are serious about losing weight and changing your lifestyle on a whole.

Bootcamps for weight loss can help you resist all the temptations around you. When you start dieting at your house you are surrounded by your pantry which follows with a lot of temptations. Everything that you are offered on-site will be healthy and will also help you lose weight as planned.

When you join the weight loss boot camp you are always be surrounded be like-minded people and there will be no distractions at all. You will not have to deal with the regular work chores, kids or pets which are termed to be the biggest distractions. Focusing on weight loss, improving your immunity system and building muscle strength will be easy.

Women from many fitness backgrounds can benefit from these types of boot camps if followed seriously. Losing weight and getting in shape will not at all be difficult then.

Let’s have a colored bath. Yes, you read that right. Your shower or bath can be in color due to the wash gel in the form of plasticine. The idea for this is simply wonderful and you will definitely love it. It is really interesting, unusual and entertaining. Pharmaceutical excipients will show you a simple recipe of how to bring color while taking a bath.


There is an original product of this kind, but you can also make one of these in your home. The ingredients of this product are: powder, cornstarch, glycerol, surfactant (which in this case is Sodium Laureth Sulfate), vanilla extract and extract of Gardenia.

Given that there are people who do not like powder, you can use starch as a powder base since it has a very beautiful structure and makes the skin wonderfully soft and silky smooth.

Almost all the ingredients can certainly be found at home, so instead of surfactant you can use soft shower gel. You can also put vegetable glycerin, but if you do not have it, it is completely fine to only add shower gel.

Instead of extracts of vanilla and gardenia, youcan use an essential oil of lavender, which has a wonderful aroma. You can use any essential oil you have, or sweet extract such as vanilla, chocolate and more.

In order to color the mixture, you can use food colors for example purple. Besides that, you can also usebrown cocoa powder or greenspirulina powder.

Let’s start with the preparation

In a bowl, first put 4 tablespoons ofcorn flour and then add a food coloring of your choice, cocoa powder or spirulina powder. Nicely mix with your fingers to paint the starch.

You can put the mixture in a large bowl to make your job easier.

Then add a gel and if you want (or have) a little glycerin and mix nicely.

If the mixture is too liquid add starch, if a bit too firm add gel. You should get a mixture similar to that of bread or buns.

Form it the way you like and wrap it in plastic wrap, that we use for food. But it should be wrapped in foil to prevent it fromdrying.

Whenever you want to use it, it is enough to take a small piece of the mixture, dip it in a water and gently massage through the skin when you are in the shower. If you are taking a bath put a small piece in the tub and enjoy.

Will there be more or less foam depends on the type of gel that you used.

What you will get from this is a wonderful smell, it will make the skin incredibly soft, so soft that you seem to have no need of applying any cream after the shower. You will love the treatment and will not stop using it.

Exposure of leaky gut

It begins with inflammation and irritation to the digestive tract lining with increased intestinal permeability which results in wear and break down of intestinal lining. This forms large gaps between your intestinal cells which then allow toxins, pathogens, and undigested food particles to enter your bloodstream. Soon after, the liver becomes overloaded with toxins. The immune system becomes impaired after being continuously assaulted by unwanted substances. The human body’s hormonal system becomes fatigued after trying to keep up with both the stress of the intestinal permeability along with the stress of everyday life. Naturally, body is not designed to handle this chronic stress properly as there is no time to properly rest and repair.

essentialoils.jpg (750×282)

Symptoms of this syndrome

The initial signs are bloating and constipation, and then people begin to develop ulcerative colitis symptoms, chronic fatigue, and eczema then followed by series of diseases like depression, asthma, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, candida, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Danger in this syndrome

The entire body is vulnerable to the ill effects of inflammation, toxins, and harmful parasites, bacteria, and yeast/fungi which all drive intestinal permeability.Once in the bloodstream these stressors can move freely to any area of the body. Then any number or combination of foods to avoid on leaky gut will develop.

Diet tips for this dangerous syndrome

Diet should consist of fresh meat and vegetables with whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. Stay away from processed and packaged foods. Every person in this world is genetically and ethnically different so they need to adjust their own food ratio. If a person feels best with a food ratio then fine tune it and stick on to it for every meal. One should focus primarily on the food that the leaky gut syndrome.

human body digests it properly so it will be better to include cooked food (vegetables) rather than raw food which is hard to digest. If a person suffers from food allergies diet should be designed to eliminate the common food allergies so that it can properly heal the syndrome. Baked goodies, cakes, pastries should be compulsorily avoided.

The real truth or danger of this syndrome

Nutrients such as L-glutamine, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C is hoped to cure this disease. But the actual truth is that the discovery, diagnosis, causes, treatment everything is a hypothesis and not an authorized disease. Practitioners still strive hard to unveil the truth of the nature.