Leadership is a boring subject to talk about. But, this is going to be the longest article in Tt thus far. Hopefully Miss T will write a longer article soon (:

When I was a student, with all due respect to my lecturers, leadership means nothing less than executing what has been planned for us. I don’t really know what leadership actually means. My lecturers were very patience, because my class was the notorious ones in the university back in 2008, even other classes will think twice to collaborate with us. We were penalized because we were being ourselves all the time. We delivered what was expected from us but using our way which caused many people felt insecure with the way we do things. We truly understood their feelings and perception to us.

Lecturers had told us many leadership stories especially during organization culture and international business classes, which most of us usually paid attention for the first 3 minutes. The only time they caught our attention when they told us real life stories. For us leadership is a “goreng” subject (we can write anything). MB2-715 Exam lecturers were very proactive, for example, every sunday, our lecturer will asked us, whether we want to have class on monday morning or not. They were aware that we don’t want classes on Friday too. So, our classes were heavily between Tuesday-Thursday. But I admired their spirit, the way they handle crisis. They tried very hard with various methods and never ever gave up on us. We sincerely thankful for that.

My first leadership experience in MNC was back in 2011. I had been given the opportunity to lead the team of 7 people for business migration from Singapore, risk mitigation to ensure zero financial impact and taking care of Asia Pacific operation. I also represented Asia Pacific team as subject matter expert to manage stakeholders from the rest of the world. It was a big deal for me because I had very minimal working experience. It was never an easy task especially in managing people and expectations. Age was a challenge, I can change and improve other things but I can’t change my age. I had to manage my colleagues who are mostly older than me. Just imagine, you’ve to report to a young guy, who you know have less experience than you? How do you think your ego will be?

Gentle readers, I have to admit… the first 6 months were terrible because the team was really not stable. The teamwork was too weak, everyone was like, you do you and i’ll do me attitude. We were underdog. Due to lack of motivation, I had a staff which took MC every week and gave me super funny excuses. Nothing personal, but I like the way he put all his excuses which made my day most of the time.

I believe leadership by example. I realized, when I showed them what to do, took full responsibility, took all shits from them, they started to like me because they feel safe and protected. If something happen, they know, they have someone to backed them up and take care of it. I can write a long list about this journey, but I’ve decided not to take much of your time reading this part.

However, at the end, I’m really proud of the team. We were once underdog. They had shown outstanding results and achieved zero financial impact in 2 consecutive years. That was the best results in the entire organization which running financial services. But official source more proud of them, few months before I left the organization, the team is already mature and able manage the entire business professionally and happy to taking care of each other. At that point of time, I was bored and sleepy because I don’t have many things to do.

Leaders for me are results maniac. They want to prove their capabilities. They love numbers and growth and get panic when they see negative trending. I love to see their spontaneous reaction on this one.

Being a leader in an organization, project or maybe at home has never been easy.

As a leader, you’ve the temptation to deliver impactful results and to keep positive perception of your business and yourself. All people want to live well and look good isn’t it?

But the greatest challenge to deliver the intended result is to avoid getting trapped by daily complexities.

Shit happens anytime and everywhere. If we don’t manage it properly, it will hinder us from achieving the intended results. To achieve our objectives, we will have the set of challenges that we may need to go through. If we trapped in daily complexities, it will make our life even harder to produce the intended results. It’s like double efforts.

So, when shit happens, what options do we have?

  1. Frustration, be upset about it.
  2. Ignorance, just run away and hoping other people to help or time will solve the problem naturally.
  3. Fix the problem. If the problem arises again, fix it one more time. This option may be a good as temporary solution or to manage non-recurring problems.
  4. Create a holistic solution. Say example, you’ve debt problem. Rather than you’re focusing on clearing your debt. You may want to consider to focus on getting more income which eventually will solve your debt problem.
  5. Turn that shit into a diamond. This is my personal mantra whenever shit happens. For this option, patience is a virtue and you have to progressively turning that shit into a diamond. Basically, turn a problem into opportunity. It’s normally tough in the beginning, still tough in the middle, but fullest satisfaction at the end.

You’re free to add the list of options above. My personal opinion, point no.4 and 5 requires stronger leadership to implement compared to the rest. Fore more details you can visit http://tuxandtiara.com/category/career/

Leadership may not solve your problems. But to solve problems you need leadership.

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