Pain can teach many things to a person. However, enduring unwarranted pain is like asking for trouble. The body has its own way of countering things that may occur around the person’s surroundings. If you or others get hurt, you can use saliva. Wait, what? Saliva as a painkiller? It can be measured in different ways and the 10 panel drug test has been invented for determining drug use. It may sound absurd at first but it can help big time to reduce your medications as long as you know how to use saliva correctly.

Saliva is more powerful than morphine

In fact, it can be as powerful as six times the power of the famous painkilling drug, morphine. These can mean two good things: one is that is counters the side effects of morphine. Overdosing with morphine can lead to drug tolerance and eventually even death. Saliva can do the pain relieving process without the bad effects people may get from taking in morphine. The other portends to the high cost of morphine. As saliva is a naturally produced product, making it costs literally nothing. It can revolutionize the world of medicine and produce very low cost pain killers that can work every time without building drug tolerance.

It is all the work of the enzyme called Opiorphin

In order for the body to resist pain, it must produces enkephalins which are essential to the killing the pain. When these things are made, it dulls out the pain. However, these things were not made to last and Opiorphin saves the day. It makes the life of the chemical compound longer therefore making it dull more pain.

Possible effects on society

Society has been taking pain killers since ancient times. However, addiction ahs been very high. The different studies aobut how pain can be a painkiller can contribute to preventing the rising number of addictions on pain killers. Drug misuse and abuse will be countered and many deaths can be prevented. In addition, low cost painkillers may also surface and therefore give more people access to painkillers. Still, it should be noted that if these painkiller manufacturers go out of business, their employees may also lose jobs an income. Possible strikes regarding the use of saliva as painkiller may rise. Negativity aside, it can revolutionized the medical industry and help people achieve a better life with less hassle.

Be careful though, pain should be endured to learn. Anything excessive can be detrimental to your health.

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